Saturday, June 14, 2008


Doug saw Natalies poster and came out to our show at the Lazy
Chameleon. Doug hung out and bought a CD before the show.

He drank and danced and partied with us until the bar kicked him out.
While we were tearing down Doug asked if he could get on stage, we
said sure and helped him up there. Then he proceded to sing the most
awesome drunk enthusiastic version of "you don't always get what you
want" to the empty bar through an empty mic stand.

Doug even bought us our lunch today his only request is that while we
were eating we stopped and said,"Doug is F****** cool!"

Well, indeed, Doug is cool. And a hell of a partier, we can't wait to
hang with him in September when we're back at the Chameleon and see
what happens. Doug rules.

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