Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Love Red Robin

Red Robin is the best. It reminds me of hanging out in high school after a football game or something. Plus, it just rules. We try and stop whenever we can... Found one in VA like 10 minutes away from the hotel. Miguel and Justin ordered pizza, but they forgot the golden rule... "Good things happen to you when you go to Red Robin."
Natalie, Joe, and I loaded up and went to find it. Not only was there a Red Robin, but in the mall parking lot right next to it there was a freaking CARNIVAL! Holy crap... Cotton candy, ferris wheel, carnie folk... Everything you could want in a mall parking lot and more. 

Nat was so excited I thought she might explode. We really wanted to ride some stuff, but for being a mall parking lot carnival they sure thought a lot of themselves. It was something like $8 to ride the ferris wheel once... F that noise... So we just walked around. Nat got her carmel apple... Then we left...

...I love Red Robin...


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